Artist Jung Shan

"祝你孤單, 且長命百歲"

- 好狠

For my chinese followers

Happy Chinese New Year!!
I wish you guys have a wonderful year! :DD 

thanks so much for my fren 哈比比 who toook this pictures ::)

新年快樂!!~~龍子龍女們„咱們的年來了!!把它用得天翻地覆吧哇哈哈!!happy chinese new year!! this year i m not gonna be at home, not gonna celebrate with my family, but they are always be my love, and i will be back soon :)
You dont have to forget about the past, yet u dont have to remember the pain, let it be memories, let it be a part of the life. Thank you for all the kindness the love, i appreciated it, and i will share the love, be who i m i always be, truthful and humble :) 

this could be a great design isnt it??using the traditional red cutting paper to make a dress like like like Alexendar Mcqueens’ instead of lace„ make it red„ must be red!! ohhh this would be a good fucking chinese dress„well i said it„or this idea has already been used?? hmm